Version 0.4.0

Finished in November 2009, accepted as public discussion paper by the OGC,


Reference implementation scheduled for Q2/2010

Version 0.4.1

Scheduled for Q3/2010

This version will introduce a SLD Profile for the W3DS. This profile is descibed in a separate document. SLD support enables user defined styling and custom WFS integration. Due to the complexity, there will be multple conformance levels: the core W3DS and several SLD-W3DS levels. The GetLayerInfo operation will be moved to the SLD profile.

Reference implementation scheduled for Q2/2011

Version 0.5.0

Possible features:

- Completion of remaining chapter 'Conformance Tests'

- Introduction of SOAP and RESTful interfaces

- Changes resulting from discussions with the industry

Version 1.0

When the W3DS will eventually become an implementation standard depends on the support by the industry and the success of international testbeds.

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